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Cold storage plants for fruit
and vegetables

Cold storage plants are buildings with special purpose. They are used for storage of fruit and vegetables for a long period of time, while the quality of the stored goods remains unchanged.

Storage period and regimes primarily depend on the type and variety of the product being stored. The best way to preserve the freshness of the product as well as to prevent the growth of microorganisms is cooling and freezing.

Depending on the applied cooling technology, we can offer you two types of cold storage plants:

    • Standard cold storage,
    • ULO cold storage with controlled atmosphere

Without a cold storage, most vegetables could not stay fresh for more than a few days. As soon as a fresh product gets picked, it starts to go bad and harmful bacteria develop on it.

For this purpose, we install warehouses for various types of vegetables, such as potatoes, beet, onions, carrots, cabbage, etc. in order to optimize the use of space and transparency, as well as functional manipulation of fruits. Vegetable storage facilities allow storage in various positive temperature regimes and are equipped with additional technologies, such as ventilation with fresh air, air heating, humidification, additional internal air circulation through stored vegetables, all of which helps to extend the shelf life.

The warehouses can be of different capacities, from the smallest (1,000 tons) to the largest (100,000 tons and more).

Our cooling system allows:

    • Reduced respiratory and degradation activity of the enzymes ·
    • Reduced internal water loss and withering, with the help of high-quality cooling equipment and additional humidifying system as                 needed
    • Slower or limited development of microorganisms responsible for rotting
    • Reduced production and concentration of natural ripening agent, ethylene, through ventilation system by fresh air supply and precise         temperature conditions in storage rooms

Our cooling system provides the highest possible quality of vegetables for the consumer.


Frigo Montaza is trusted and reliable provider using high-end and advanced technologies for refrigeration, storage and ripening systems to the highest international standards.

The quality of our products and services are the result of vast experience, in depth knowledge and cooperation with universities and first class equipment manufacturers. Since we were founded in 1980 we have contributed to and constantly monitor developments in the refrigeration industry alongside global technological trends and innovations. We are proud of successful installation projects across the globe, in more than 30 countries.

We design and manufacture important products for refrigeration systems. This enables us to ensure the high quality of entire refrigeration systems, achieve tight deadlines regarding their implementation and efficient adaptation to non-standard implementations.

For the refrigeration, storage and ripening systems we develop and install the corresponding application control software Computer Control System Frigo Montaza.

Our commitment to quality has awarded us the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Frigo montaza TECHNOLOGIES

Frigo montaza is trusted and reliable provider using high-end and advanced technologies for refrigeration, storage and ripening systems to the highest international standards.

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